About Litmus

About Litmus Magazine

Founded in 2015 by Livvy J Hooper and Ruth Irwin
Litmus is a brand new literary-political magazine that aims to bring you the brightest and best in new writing and thinking

Every issue will bring you user-submitted poetry and fiction, from all over the world and of every genre. Invited contributors will wax political on the issue’s theme, and we’ll be putting a Question of the Month to members of the public.

If you’re thinking of submitting – and we hope you are! – head on over to our Submission Guidelines page. Nothing is off limits. Be bold, and impress us.


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About the Editors


Ruth Irwin – Commissioning Editor


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Livvy J Hooper – Executive Editor



Currently living in Exeter where she was born, Livvy studied for her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees – in Creative Writing and English Literature – in London. Until recently she would have considered herself a poet, but now she is ambling along with experimental flash fiction and dipping a toe into short stories. 


“I’m not much of a traditionalist. I like reading things that play with form and function, and I want to be surprised by a poem or a story, to be amused and made to think. Give me something innovative or inventive – though not for the sake of it – and I’ll lap it up.”


Lydia Davis, Margaret Atwood, Naja Marie Aidt, Thomas Morris, Ben Marcus, Mark Saporta, B S Johnson.

Frank O’Hara, C K Williams, Michael Symmons Roberts, Heather Phillipson.