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Litmus Submission Guidelines

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We want your Poetry, Fiction, and Illustration!

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  Litmus Submission Guidelines


How many words can I send you?

  • Poetry: No more than 60 lines.
    • We know it’s tough for long-form poets, so if you have something slightly longer that you think we absolutely must see, please email us at
  • Flash Fiction: No more than 1500 words.
  • Short Fiction: No more than 4000 words.


Submission Guidelines / Terms and Conditions

  • Poetry and Fiction: must be sent in a single .doc file with the subject header “[TYPE] Submission” where [TYPE] is either Poetry or Fiction, to
  • Illustrations: must be sent as a .jpg file with the subject header “Illustration Submission” by email to
  • We endeavour to respond to submissions as soon as possible, so please don’t email us asking for updates. We will be unable to respond.
  • The work submitted must be an original creation by the author.
  • The work submitted must not have been published previously, either online or in print.
  • We accept simultaneous submission, with conditions: you must inform us immediately if any part of your submission is to be published elsewhere, and we will withdraw the piece. If you have submitted more than one piece and they are not all to be published elsewhere, the rest of your submission will stand.
  • You grant us permission to publish your work online in perpetuity (ie. archiving the material on our website)
  • You will retain all ownership rights to the copyright of your work.
  • We wish we could pay you. We cannot pay you :(
  • All published pieces will be copy-edited.
  • If your wonderful work should go on to be published elsewhere (ie. a book or anthology), please mention that it appeared here first.
  • Permission given includes the right to reproduce the work in any Litmus anthology.